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Happy Children’s Day - Free Gift Set Upgrade on 5th May Only!

It’s already 5th May in Japan which is a national holiday called Kodomonohi or Tango no Sekku - “Children’s Day”

To celebrate Kodomonohi, I would like to give you a magic word to upgrade any baby kimono order to a Sakura Gift Set for free only on 5th May.

The magic word is ‘kodomonohi

All you have to do is write this word before you confirm your order in the shopping cart and you will get a free upgrade to a gift set - a saving of £10!

It’s been 2years since I had first Tango no Sekku for my son Oscar.  I could not have flying carp on the roof but had a party with friends.
I guess I just like any excuse to party!

I suppose to go for a picnic with my Japanese friends tomorrow but it might be another moody cold English day……

My Latvian friend Ineta told me they have name day ( everyday has a name in the calendar and it is celebrated like a little birthday!).

Do you have any unusual calendar in your country?

Boys day ornament

Boys day ornament

Boy's day mochi

Boy's day mochi

Tomono x

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